Romina Bacci creative process

It starts with the fun part: going out for a walk and collecting the natural elements. Most of the feathers I use in my work are found on my balcony, left from the birds' daily visits. The most incredible things exist outside. When my pockets, hands and paper bag are full, I go back inside and leave everything on my studio table for a while. All the other things that come along with collected elements from nature, such as insects, need to find their way out. More than once I've found spiders, bees, worms, snails: you name it. When everybody is out I put them on a paper towel and return them outside.

I organize the elements, clean the table, and get everything ready to take photographs. I play a lot while taking the pictures, make lots of combinations, try different backgrounds, and hours go by like nothing. After this, my neck is sore, but I'm happy with hundreds of pictures to download to the computer. Usually I start the selection and editing process the next day, to be able to see more clearly. Sometimes when you see the same images over and over, you lose perspective. It's important to see things with fresh eyes.