Gegen die Wand

La següent peli turca que volia veure és aquesta, que en el seu moment va rebre molt bones crítiques. Feta a Alemanya en aquest cas, Hamburg. Bona, real, però dura, molt dura.
"Born in Hamburg of Turkish parents, Fatih Akin is in an ideal position to depict the identity crisis of many young Germans who feel torn between living in a modern European city where they don’t really fit-in and the traditional upbringing of their Turkish parents, which they cannot relate to either. The characters are so downtrodden that sooner or later something is about to explode. In the case of Head-On it’s two characters in particular who are on a road to self-destruction. A marriage of convenience seems to offer both Cahit and Sibel a way out of their current situation, but as two violent people with suicidal tendencies, living together is not going to be easy".